Defending Practices

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The exercise below focuses on the defending team “showing” the attacking team away from the goal, either inside or outside. For the team defending  the central goal, their focus is to show the attacking players in possession out wide and away from goal. For the team who is defending the two wide goals, their focus is to show the team into Continue Reading...
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Technical Exercises

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This weeks technical exercises focus on passing and receiving. This can be used for any level ranging from skill building with young players, to a technical warm-up with elite players.  The players face each other seven yards apart. One ball for each pair, they are simply passing back and forth. The player at the red cones is checking in for Continue Reading...
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Gerard Houllier – Key Ingredients Of a Winning Team

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        This is from a talk that Gerard Houllier did in 2007 at the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore. Having worked with the French national team, Liverpool, and Lyon, he spoke of the key factors those great teams all share. At the start, he spoke about his coaching philosophy and beliefs and identified the principles all top players Continue Reading...
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Can We Emulate the Barca Way?

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Over the past year or two, we have seen some trends in soccer at the highest level – tight spaces, five in midfield, importance of the counter attack, and phsyical capabilities of players. All of those trends are changing the way coaches prepare their teams around the world. With the global game now becoming a 24/7 fascination, the world has seen how Continue Reading...
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What Can Coaches Learn From The 2011 Mexico Team?

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Last week, Mexico visited Charlotte, North Carolina, for a Gold Cup group match against Cuba. As I made my way to Bank of America Stadium, I was expecting goals and a carnival atmosphere. One thing I was not expecting, was to believe that Mexico could become serious contenders for the next World Cup and to seriously reconsider my views on tactics Continue Reading...
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