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Playing On The Half Turn

0 Submitted by on Thu, 22 September 2011, 13:26
What Is Playing On the Half-Turn? Playing on the half-turn requires you to not receive the ball facing the player that passes you the ball but instead standing already half turned. This enables the player receiving the ball to turn in the opposite direction and play away from where the ball has come. Playing on the half-turn also encourages the Continue Reading...
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Defending Practices

0 Submitted by on Thu, 18 August 2011, 15:23
The exercise below focuses on the defending team “showing” the attacking team away from the goal, either inside or outside. For the team defending  the central goal, their focus is to show the attacking players in possession out wide and away from goal. For the team who is defending the two wide goals, their focus is to show the team into Continue Reading...
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Technical Exercises

0 Submitted by on Thu, 18 August 2011, 14:59
This weeks technical exercises focus on passing and receiving. This can be used for any level ranging from skill building with young players, to a technical warm-up with elite players.  The players face each other seven yards apart. One ball for each pair, they are simply passing back and forth. The player at the red cones is checking in for Continue Reading...
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