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The session below is taken from Sarah Rahko, Assistant Coach at Wingate University. Rahko’s Technical Session can be used as a warm-up or a cool-down and challenges the players to use technical skills, work together, and compete against another team. As there are different levels to reach, the players enjoy the benefit of seeing the progress they make. As a coach, you can determine the skill level or limit the physical work. The exercise can be used for youth players right up to players at the collegiate level.



There are two team, red and blue. Players partner up with one ball between two and line up in order. There are five cones in a row about 3 yards apart. There is also a pole/cone at the top which is 10 yards from the fifth cone. (See below)



The first pair start at the first cone (1) and must complete a skill set before moving on to the second. The skill set is up to the coach and although has to be challenging, it also must be achievable within their ability. For example:

– Player A throws to Player B, Player B heads the ball back to Player A, Player A heads the ball back to Player B, and Player B catches it. (Throw-head-head-catch)

Or more complex:

– Add two touches (thigh to head or foot to head) on both sides without the ball touching the ground.

Both teams (Red and Blue) compete against each other at the same time. (See Below)

If the partners are successful first time – they advance to cone number 2 and then the next pair start at cone number 1. Note – you only get one go per cone! (See below)

To Score:

To score a point, the partners must perform the same skill at every cone, which is five cones in total. When they do this, they have won a point for their team. First team to score five points, win!

If the pair are not successful, they must leave their ball and jog to the pole/cone at the top. This will get their heart rate going and will aid the warm-up. Players will also start sprinting this distance as they will try to get back quickly so they can start again. (See Below)



After every game, change the skill and progress it to where it is always challenging the players. You can also set a time limit on the sprint to add a physical factor to the exercise.

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