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Summer is the perfect time for coaches to recharge the batteries, reflect on the past season, but most importantly, find ways to get better. When we think of coach education in June and July, we tend to think of week long courses, licenses, and diplomas, but this has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rapid growth of sports science, psychology, specialized training programs, advanced tactical systems, culture and leadership development, coaches at every level are now challenged to constantly expand their knowledge base every year in order simply keep up with the game. As a result, there are now additional coach education events offered throughout the world and online for coaches to take advantage of and look to improve.

Earlier this year I set up Modern Soccer Coach Education as resource and platform for coaches to learn, deliver, and connect with fellow coaches around different philosophies and models. Everything is centered towards improving players and teams, and if someone can help others do that, I want to have them involved. Social media has been an unbelievable vehicle for myself to connect with so many coaches from around the world, but my goal is now to help take that one step further with a slightly diverse approach. A Modern Soccer Coaching Conference will not have a command-style approach where a coach lectures and everyone sits back and listens. My aim is to provide coaches and presenters who will stimulate, motivate, encourage and inspire creativity at all levels of the game, starting right there and then. There will be interactions, discussions, talking points and hopefully, in the spirit of the game, one or two disagreements throughout the day.

A huge amount of inspiration for the project came from my own experience. I really enjoyed the UEFA and NSCAA coaching courses that I attended in Northern Ireland and United States, but the best learning experience for me came when I attended the one-day ‘Tactical Insights Conference’ at Leicester City in 2016. There were specialists in recruitment, match analysis, youth development, as well as national team coaches all presenting on topics that they were deeply passionated about. The general theme of the day was how science, technology and tactics were moving the game towards different coaching methods, both on and off the field . Some presenters however, for example England manager at the time Roy Hodgson, respectfully argued that they were overvalued and that statistics did not have a place in the game. It was a fascinating insight and challenged you to think and also interact with other coaches from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Coaching clinics, conferences, webinars, and workshops are not designed to and should not take the place of coaching courses, but instead they should compliment them. In order to grow, we must be open to constantly finding new ways of doing things and thinking. The game is moving too fast for any coach to dismiss ideas. Throughout the summer, players must work hard in order to be in the best possible condition when they report back for the new season. As coaches, surely we are not exempt from the same level of expectation.


Here is a list of upcoming coach education events this summer:


Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend

Dave Tenney

When: June 8-10

Location: Seattle, WA

Price: $500

Click here for more info

Seattle Sounders FC will bring in some of the brightest minds in sports science and performance enhancement to join their coaching staff in sharing the latest methodologies in sports specific training, strength & conditioning, performance coaching, and sports science. We invite coaches from professional, top college, club, or high school programs to join us in investigating the needs of elite level soccer players both on, and off, the field.

Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to some of the top experts in injury prevention & strength training, long-term & short-term recovery strategies, metabolic fitness theory, and athlete monitoring & development. New this year will be a new format in Roundtable discussions. 3-4 presenters will speak for 15 minutes each on a specific topic, which will then be followed by a further 15-20 minute Q&A with the audience and a moderator.



Modern Soccer Coach Conference – Washington DC

MSC - Maryland

When: Saturday, June 10

Where: Crownsville, MD

Price: $85

Click here for more info

The MSC Conference is designed for coaches at all levels to get an insight into specific areas such as managing high level players, leadership, tactical trends, maximizing physical preparation, growing culture, and player development. There will be a full day of coach education with presentations from 8.30am-12.30pm and field sessions from 1pm-4pm.

Presenters include Nolan Sheldon (DC United), Jim Gabarra (Washington Spirit), Gary Lewis (Philadelphia Union, Gary Curneen (CSU Bakersfield), Joe Nemzer (Mount St. Mary’s), Todd Bramble (George Mason), Garrison Draper (Philadelphia Union), Paul Cammarata (The Coaching Journey), Skye Eddy Bruce (Soccer Parenting), Colin Herriot (Maryland United) and Steve McKenna (NC State).




Deliberate Soccer Practice – One Day Masterclass

Ray Power

Where: Nottingham, England

When: Sunday, June 18

Price: £35

Click here for more info

Based on Ray Power’s Deliberate Soccer Practice book series, this one-day football coach education masterclass will give participants first-hand education and guidance on the topic of Deliberate Practice in football. The event will focus on the topics of possession, attacking and defending over the course of the day, and offer an intimate, sport-specific setting to encourage Q&A, discussion and networking between participants.




Modern Soccer Coach Conference – Charlotte NC



When: Saturday, July 15

Where: Wingate University, NC

Price: $65 if registered before June 20

Click here for more information 

The MSC Conference is designed for coaches at all levels to get an insight into specific areas such as managing high level players, leadership, tactical trends, maximizing physical preparation, growing culture, and player development. There will be a full day of coach education with presentations from 8.30am-12.30pm and field sessions from 1pm-4pm.

Presenters include Erwin van Bennekom (Duke), Gary Hamill (Wingate), Jordi Rams (Charlotte Independence), Gary Curneen (CSU Bakersfield), Vanessa Mann (William & Mary), Glad Bugariu (UTRGV), Erik Imler (Former U-17 USMNT), Wells Thompson (MLS Champion Colorado Rapids), Philip Poole (US Soccer Federation Coach & Scout, Charlotte Soccer Academy)


#NEXTGENCOACHES Virtual Conference


When: Friday, July 29

Where: Online

Click here for more information

Inspire Coach will be pre-recording 24 presentations and releasing them one by one, each hour over the 24 hours,  exclusively to our delegates. Each hour will be dedicated to that presentation, topic and speaker.

We will be using our Twitter feed (@InspireCoachEd) as the conference arena for discussion and networking. In the weeks following the virtual conference, we will follow up with each expert speaker with an interview about their presentation and will collate questions to put to them that you’ve asked on Twitter or emailed in.

Delegates will then have access to all the presentations on demand via our ‘Delegates Access Area’ until October 29th 2017. This virtual conference is a first for us. We want to harness the use of technology and connect like-minded coaches from all around the world. We hope that you join us for what will be an amazing, innovative experience.


CSU Bakersfield Pre-Season Coaching Package

GC Preseason

When: Starts July 27th

Where: Online

Price: $55 if registered before July 13

Package is limited to the first 100 applicants

 Click here for more information

This unique package invites coaches to take a step inside a competitive pre-season campaign with NCAA Division I, Cal State Bakersfield. Head Coach, Gary Curneen, will use three webinars to detail how their pre-season camp is structured, managed, and measured. There will be an insight into training sessions, tactical preparation, role of Strength & Conditioning, and how they develop their culture and leadership for the season ahead.

The Coaching Package includes:

Access to Three 60-minute Webinars
- 2 Full Training Sessions Videoed
- Pre-Season Session Booklet containing every session

Webinar 1: (July 27)
  • Assessing summer workouts
  • Pre-Season Testing
  • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
  • Positional Goals and Objectives
  • Introduction to Play Model
Webinar 2: (August 10)
  • Leadership and Culture Oversight
  • Role of Strength and Conditioning
  • Development of Tactical Play Model
  • Training Session Template
Webinar 3: (August 17)
  • Moving Towards Match Fitness
  • Role of Game Preparation
  • Assessment of Pre-Season
  • Post-Game Analysis Set-Up
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Interactive set-up


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