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Yael Averbuch is a professional women’s soccer player who has represented the United States at every level. She has recently designed the Techne Training System, based on training methods that have allowed her to play at the highest level. The system is both engaging and challenging for players of all ages/abilities.

The app takes players through a weekly technical training session that can be completed individually, with minimal equipment. It operates under the principle that you can never spend too much time with the ball!

Find out more about the app here!!!


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3 Elements Vital to Technical Improvement

1. Deep Practice/ Mastery

A lot of soccer coaches talk about “getting in touches.” As a player, it is not the number of touches you take, but the quality and intention behind those touches that matters. It takes roughly 10,000 hours to become a master in any field. Those hours must be devoted to training the mind and body in meaningful and engaging ways that will translate to true improvement, and eventually mastery.


2. You Can Never Overload the Basics

The Techne Training System is not about soccer freestyle tricks or learning fancy, complicated foot-skill movements. It is focused primarily on the basics, and being able to do them cleaner, quicker, and more efficiently over time. Even the soccer greats still work on the basics of passing, trapping, and striking the ball. No one is above continued work in those areas!


3. Process of Learning

In addition to repetition of the basics, the Techne System will involve players in the process of learning new and challenging movements. In addition to creating habits and rituals with the ball, the system will challenge players to pick up skills that will take them out of their comfort zone. The mental and physical process of “figuring it out” and then being able to repeat these skills is an incredibly valuable athletic process when it comes to growth.



Juggling with a tennis ball is a great way to challenge yourself and continue to improve coordination, balance, and touch. If you can regularly do 50 juggles with a regular soccer ball, it’s a great thing to try with a tennis ball! If not, then you can do the same training session with a regular soccer ball. There is no magic to juggling. It takes lots of hours to master the skill, so stick with it!





For each of these footwork moves, for the first 30 seconds, take it nice and easy and get the feel for the pattern. For the second 30 seconds, challenge yourself to see how quickly you can go. It’s ok to make a mistake – the goal here is to push yourself and work right on the edge of your comfort zone!




Wall Work

A wall is the perfect training partner! It takes some time to get used to how to get into a rhythm training with the wall but the goal here is consistency. Once you figure out the technique, pace of the pass, and rhythm of the exercise, how consistent can you be?




Yael also offers a weekly, 30-minute technical session for players of all levels that will come directly to your inbox every Sunday night. If you haven’t already, SUBSCRIBE HERE. The sessions will be made up of all the things she has done over the years (and still does today) that has allowed her to play at the highest level.


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