Passing and Opening Up In Possession

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Below is a recent session we did at the University of Cincinnati that incorporated passing and working to receive the ball on the half turn. This session really demands that players focus on their movement before receiving the pass and that is the difference between playing forward or having to go back to where you received it. The tempo of the session is just as important as technique as it forces players to react quickly in possession. When defenders are added, players have a split second to adjust their bodies before receiving the ball and movement becomes increasingly important. We progress the session to overload situations at the halfway point because players need to be aware of when these arise in games. At the end, we try to mirror a tactical situation in our 7v7 game so that players can relate to these pictures with the game itself.


You can watch video of the session below.




UC6 (2)


Functional Training:

UC7 (2)


Functional Progression:


UC8 (2)


Tactical Progression:


UC9 (2)

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2 Responses to "Passing and Opening Up In Possession"
  1. Daniel K. Theemann says:

    Hi Gary,

    Just watch the video of the training and liked it.
    I got a question for you.

    1) In the 7v7+1N game, you only allow one support in the attacking 3rd (give a 2v2), but you played 2v2+1N (give a 3v2) in the previous exercise. Why not allow support from 2 players and create a 3v2 overload?

    Best regards

    • garycurneen says:

      Great point Daniel! I think that is a really good progression to go to in order to create that overload in the final third. The reason why we didn’t was because we didn’t want to leave a potential 3v1 in the middle in case we got countered. Too conservative maybe! But will definitely look at adding that in the next session. Thanks for the feedback.

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